Women in Compliance Meeting


Women in Compliance is a mentoring and support group dedicated to empowering women.

The group is a benefit of ASCP membership and is free to join.


At this year’s ASCP Safety & Compliance Conference our professional development coach, Stephanie Smith will be leading us through:

‘What if we knew no limits?’

We will cover:

  • Imposter syndrome – doubting your own skills, abilities and talents. This can be apparent despite your success!
  • Expectations we have of ourselves
  • Absorbing others’ expectations of us and how this can limit us.

But what if we were free from all these negative thoughts – what then could we truly achieve?!


We hold networking events, run mentoring schemes, provide inspiration and offer technical advice in asset and building compliance. Most importantly, we facilitate our community to support each other for the benefit of everyone.


Take a look at 2019 Women in Compliance session at the ASCP Conference.

If you would like to join us for the next meeting or are interested in becoming a group member, simply complete the form below, or email  kbartholomew@corgitechnical.com

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Thank you to our Women in Compliance Sponsor for 2023: