Need Inspiration?

Want to enter an ASCP Safety & Compliance Award but need inspiration of what to enter? Then read on...

  • What have you worked on, or are currently working on, that is new or not part of your ‘business as usual’?
  • What is topical in your organisation at the moment – what are your team and your colleagues talking about?
  • What is on your Board agenda – what is topical for them?
  • What projects have you recently completed?
  • What features in your internal comms/newsletters – maybe a new initiative, maybe a resident engagement project, or something to do with your brand, values and behaviours?
  • How are you helping residents with the current fuel crisis – giving them useful info, or do you have a particular initiative in place?
  • How is your organisation tackling Net Zero – trialling/using new technology, doing retrofits, working with a third party?
  • Are you working on a great collaboration that is delivering results?
  • Who stands out in your team/organisation (Rising Star Award/Women in Compliance Award)
  • Do you work with great contractors? Or indeed is your in-house team top notch (Heating/Electrical Contractor of the Year Awards)?
  • Are your frontline staff doing some amazing work – what impact have they had?
  • Has some training delivered tangible results?
  • Is your organisation working on its culture to ensure safety is at the heart of it?
  • Has any recent news prompted change in how you do things – or a particular focus on something?
  • Have you made some progress in access rates – how did you do it, what was the impact?